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Realms of Kymoria - Mascots & Future Topics

Who are the Mascots?

Flix and Vexis taking a well deserved break in Realms of Kymoria art style

Flix and Vexis™ are the mascots for Realms of Kymoria.

They are best friends who support one another in battle as well as everyday life.

Flix, being the more responsible of the pair, generally cares for Vexis. Vexis helps care for Flix by helping him to remember critically important tasks (such as feeding Vexis).

Both of them have a strong presence in the setting and written material and both of them have alternative chibi artwork too.



Future Blog Posts

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog post! What do you think of Flix, Vexis, and the blog categories? Any requests for the content of the next post?

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