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At The Tabletop Adventure I want to create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere for anyone to learn and enjoy Dungeons & Dragons. With over 25 years of experience as a Dungeon Master, indie game developer, fantasy content creator, and storyteller. I’ve developed a system to streamline character creation and help even the newest of the new players be ready to dive head first into their first session. It also establishes a consistent baseline for all players and removes the time it takes to note down particular class and racial elements.

At my table my style of Dungeons and Dragons can be summed up pretty quickly with “Comfort equals fun and we’re in this together”. I will work with you to ensure, to the best of my ability, that your comfort is strongly considered and that the session tone and style emphasizes the fun that everyone can look forward to.

I’ll have a simple hand-out to share with my players that will help them understand the house rules (Both mechanical and non-mechanical) and will make sure to give them the opportunity to discreetly share with me content or context that might be alarming or upsetting within the campaign.

At The Tabletop Adventure you’ll work together to literally look over the Bounty Board in our tavern and vote on which bounties you want to pursue that day. Within a standard 2-hour time slot you will work together to complete that bounty to the best of your abilities and, with time remaining, work towards tackling another as well.


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Standard session
(In-Person sessions are not being held at this time)

Each session is a 2 hour block structured to maximize your game time (and take into consideration arrivals and departures)

digital session

This must be done in partnership with a counselor or therapist. Foundry will be leveraged to provide an optimal playing experience.

Standard digital

Each digital session is a 2 hour block. Foundry will be leveraged to provide an optimal playing experience


Team Building, Bachelor Party, Birthday Parties, etc. If the standard package isn't applicable then please reach out so we can work something out!


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Absolute blast and probably ruined having other people be a DM for me. Shawn is both patient and helpful, he'll let you think for yourself (or as the character) and will recognize when to offer some guidance to help you get past a mental wall when you're stuck. Plus, Kymoria is really interesting (and scary, but in a good way). - TJ

Every session is fun and exciting, and you never know what colorful characters and locations the group is going to end up in. It often takes the whole group to figure out - or brute force our way out - of all of the clever situations that Shawn sets up for us. He's the reason I keep coming back and playing D&D. I've never felt like 'the only girl at the table' even though I was. - EM

When you sit down at the table, you know your contributions will matter. Your creative problem solving is rewarded and encouraged. The biggest reward is the camaraderie and teamwork built along the way. - Andrew

I'm kind of a reserved/quieter person but I was able to fall into roleplaying at Shawn's table and had lots of fun. I got reincarnated as a halfling and had to change my RP voice and attitude. He never made it feel like it was us versus the DM or anything either. - Player Character of Galidann (the former High-Elf)

Gnome Workshop

Always a heckin' great time. Never been a session where I was bored. - Lou

Shawn helped me work through some of my anxiety regarding authority figures that are unnecessarily mean and explore the different allies and avenues for help that I have at my disposal, while playing through a scenario where I was in charge and helping someone that was like me in real life. It was a great way to take an outside look at what I can do to help improve my situation, and it was done in a fun but invoking manner. - Fallon

Being half-Mexican and split between 2 cultures growing up, it was surprisingly hard to find a place where I could belong without having to over-exaggerate parts of myself to fit in.  Realizing I was a child of the rainbow (LGBT) certainly didn't help that feeling while growing up.  Shawn has been the most effortlessly welcoming DM I've ever played with.  He built story elements that spoke to my character's (and my) personalities and made me feel wholly included as a player and as a character. And whenever I faltered as a player (noob here), he never made me feel awkward or at fault when it came to guiding me through the concepts and mechanics of gameplay. - Marcus

I’ve always loved d&d but I get anxious at the table because I’m bad at reading and understanding the rules, which results in me asking the same question over and over because I can never remember what I need to roll for what action. Shawn never made me feel stupid for asking lots questions and I felt comfortable with him the entire session. He made the whole experience a joy and it makes me eager for more tabletop sessions. Heckin’ fun and 100% recommend him as a DM! - Jill

I was nervous about playing with a new DM, but Shawn made the experience really fun and rewarding. When I got stuck, he gave me reminders and advice in an encouraging way that made me feel in control of my character and the issues we were working through. I never felt pressured to do anything I didn't want to do at any point. My favorite part was meeting his NPCs! They're all so different and fun to interact with, and he made the experience incredibly immersive. Thanks, Shawn!" -CJ


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