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The official place for Realms of Kymoria news and content.

We've been working incredibly hard behind the scenes on so many different things. We can't wait to share what we can with you! 

Chibi Flix and Vexis. Realms of Kymoria characters. Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved.


Hi! Welcome to the official

Realms of Kymoria (RoK) website!


Our website is under heavy development right now. My name is Flix, and this is Vexis, we contribute to the RoK podcast and generally like to offer commentary, advice, and help people out!

What is Realms of Kymoria?

It's a 'Tabletop Roleplaying Game'

There are numerous variations of Tabletop Roleplaying Games (TTRPGs). In general, they are social games that are typically played in a small group of 4-6 people in person or with a variety of digital aids to help simulate that in-person experience.

The material that comes with these games help instruct the people playing it on topics such as rules of gameplay, information on the world/setting, providing templates to use for creating a fictional character, and usually much more. These games often make use of various polyhedral dice and other game aids that help add a level of randomness to the gameplay as well, which encourages improvisation and additional roleplay.

In most TTRPGs one of the people from the group will take on a role such as 'Game Master' and the rest of the group are referred to as ‘Players.’ To simplify things, a Game Master assumes the role of narrating and establishing the setting and scenes for the remaining players to interact with. Players create and assume the roles of fictional characters to interact with the setting and scenes being presented to them.

Chibi Flix. Realms of Kymoria characters. Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved.

TTRPGs are lots of fun, but the material to play them tend

to cater to  individuals who are already quite familiar with them.


Realms of Kymoria is written by someone who has ADHD/AD and recognizes the difficulties that comes with trying to learn something new. Especially if you need information to be more explicit, rather than implicit, or assuming you already have experience with playing these types of games. 

Setting and Themes

Realms of Kymoria is developed from the ground up as its own unique high fantasy world. Or, rather, worlds!

Kymoria is just the name of one of the worlds in this setting and our introduction to this material will put you in the city of Bristleburn where there is a constant need for adventurers of all types!

This world is populated by unique species and does not feature humans, or any of the traditional species that often appear in these types of settings. By establishing original and new species this allowed the setting to mature its own culture that aligned with the rigors and experiences they have endured as they survived and developed.

As a teaser, here are some thought provoking questions:

What if there was an artificial world that existed and all of the species living in that world desired to work together regardless of taxonomy to survive?

A setting where there are numerous hazards to overcome and survival rests on the community working together. Where adventurers brave enough to explore treacherous places and face deadly foes are sorely needed but in short supply?

What if, built into this setting, there were designated locations that would forever remain 'untouched' by material, lore, and content development so that you could create your own private and personal homebrew material and know that future releases won't impose upon what you were working on.

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Chibi Flix. Realms of Kymoria characters. Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved.
Realms of Kymoria monster. Scorchbear. Copyright 2023. All rights reserved.

The focus of community is based on the concept of 'survival' and creating a world where people genuinely want to support others.


That shouldn't be confused with how dangerous the world is though! There are the hazards that the elemental energies cause on the world, the native beasts and flora, the monsters that spawn from chaos rifts, the 'natural' hazards of the world Kymoria, and the greater beings whose agendas are at play too.

Realms of Kymoria monster. Barbtaur. Copyright 2023. All rights reserved.
Realms of Kymoria creature. Primordial of Lightning. Copyright 2023. All rights reserved.
Realms of Kymoria monster. Beewatcher. Copyright 2023. All rights reserved.
Komodi Species Illustration. Realms of Kymoria species artwork. Copyright 2023. All Rights Reserved.
Photo of the creator of Realms of Kymoria, Shawn Thomas.
The Author and Creator

"Introductions... sheesh. I always overthink these things. I'll sit there and imagine dozens, if not hundreds, of different ways that something I say will be misunderstood or come across wrong.


"My name is Shawn (He/Him) and I'm the author and creator of Realms of Kymoria. Realms of Kymoria came into being as a 'homebrew' thing in 2017 when I was Game Mastering for a local group of friends. I wanted to make a high-fantasy setting that emphasized the exploration, danger, and the bizarre but also omitted the conflict points that I found distasteful. This is my made up world, species, and everything else... so, it just made sense to put in the extra effort to rebuild the cultures. 


"In 2021, I took the terrifying plunge to pursue my passion as a commercial effort and have been working fervently towards achieving that goal. Countless hours of research, developing new skills, reaching out to and connecting with other artists, writing and developing, handling unexpected complexities, and so much more work has been put in since then.

"It's been a very tough few years, to put it lightly, and for a myriad of reasons. However, I've been very lucky to have my wife, children, and a few close friends, encourage and support me along the way.


"Now I just need to keep trying my best to make Realms of Kymoria be successful so that when its released I'll be able to earn the trust, support and encouragement of a developing customer base!"

What's coming next?

Everything at once?!

While that isn't necessarily a joke, there is a tremendous number of things to work on... there is a prioritization of sorts. So, let's narrow it down to this website for now.

[x] Setting up a blog.

[x] Creating an FAQ area.

The blog post would work like an informal newsletter and will be one of the best ways to stay up to date on Realms of Kymoria content overall! 

There will be a dedicated page and some subpages for the RoK setting. That will allow us to use this home page for sharing information, links, updates, and so on.  

An additional page or two to provide some insight on us, our mission/hope, and who we believe our audience is will be in the works as well. This may share a spot, or not, with an FAQ area as well.

Then, we'll be pursuing some web design talent to offer some consultation or, possibly, direct support with polishing things up.

The timing of all of these things is up in the air right now. There is a lot going on and our ability to stretch can only cover so much at a time. Plus, there are an abundance of other tasks that don't involve the website too!

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