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Privacy Policy

This policy was last updated on: February 29, 2024

Hello and welcome! It’s really important that you carefully read through this material and try not to skim or skip around. We wanted to provide you a quick snippet of what the content is covering in a TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) sort of way and quickly communicate some key highlights.

This is not intended to replace the lengthier content below and is not conclusive. It’s good intentions to try and alert you to some important points and encourage you to read through all of the content.

“By accessing our website, content, and/or services you are confirming that you are at least 13 years old and are legally authorized, or your guardian is fully aware of and accepts responsibility for authorizing you, to access our website, content, and/or services which could result in sharing personal information.

Why this is important is because of how ‘cookies’ are collected on our website. Even if you’re simply visiting the website and looking around you could be providing some element of personal information as a result. Of course, voluntarily providing other personal information (such as signing up for a membership, newsletter, blog posts, etc. directly with us) would be another example where personal information may be given to us.

So, what do we do with the information that we collect and can make use of? Basically nothing. We don’t sell your personal information, and honestly, we find the practice gross… we don’t want to be treated like faceless numbers/metrics and we don’t want to treat you that way either. However, there are some metrics which are tracked outside of our usage or view too. Such as through our hosting platform, WIX, and even the personal browser that you are using as a few examples. So, please understand that we are only able to speak about our intended usage of the information that we collect and have access too. 

In section 4.0, below, we share some links and suggestions to better understand cookies and provide some links to what our hosting platform (WIX) has regarding personal information that is collected by them through our website. We also provided some additional links that we felt might be informational. Please conduct your own research into this as well.

Ultimately, we can’t control what we don’t own so please consider taking greater care to lock down your browser settings which’ll go a long way to helping your information stay safe.

Related to ‘what we don’t own’, we expect that you understand that just because we talk about a product, business, individual, or anything really, it doesn’t mean that we are representing or endorsing them. This includes if we share any links as well. Currently, we don’t have any sort of affiliate program set up or anything like that. However, if we do engage in these sorts of activities we’ll go overboard to try and make you aware of this each and every time. 

Lastly, and arguably the most important, when it comes to ownership and stuff… let’s not make assumptions. Okay? Whenever, and wherever, possible we will retain all of our copyright and trademark rights at all times and across all mediums. Nothing is implied.


By using our website and/or services you are agreeing to our Privacy Policy.”

1.0 Introduction

At The Tabletop Adventure, we really do care a lot about your personal privacy. In today’s digital age, it’s daunting (to say the least) to really understand and appreciate just how hard it is to keep track of your information and ensure that it’s being used safely.

Please understand, that we’re a very small LLC (Limited Liability Company) and that there are limitations that can impact our response times and/or ability to execute on suggestions. Even if they’re extremely good suggestions that we agree with completely. So, please be patient with us while waiting for a response (which can take up to 10 business days) and understand that there may be responses that won’t align with your reasonable expectations, requests, demands, or needs. Where applicable, we will be as transparent and open during these communications as possible.

We are making every reasonable effort to do the right thing when we can. So, please, reach out whenever you want. We welcome any feedback, suggestions, or concerns that you may have at any time and if you just wanted to encourage us then that’s always extremely appreciated too!

2.0 Overview

There is a lot to cover around this, and as mentioned before we would appreciate any support and encouragement that you are willing to offer that will help us and/or you. In an effort to make this easier to read through and understand we will provide some quick summaries where it makes sense and also categorize sections with headers.

The category headers and summaries are only provided as an aid to help you. They aren’t intended to imply anything else. There are a lot of regulations and laws, with more being developed, that need to be accounted for. So, if any part of this policy is unenforceable, for any reasonable situation, it doesn’t invalidate the rest of the policy.

3.0 What personal information is collected and how?

When you are accessing our website, signing up for our newsletters and/or alerts, creating a membership account, engaging with our social media accounts, and/or contacting us directly you are providing us personal information.


We use cookies and software tools to collect information such as your Internet protocol address (IP), device used to connect to our website, session information (page response times, length of time spent on certain pages and interaction information, and method used to browse away from the page). This information is used to help us try and better understand our audience, the performance of our website (or webpages), and try to use that information to make improvements and/or changes. 

Other personal information, which would be provided directly, would be name, email, password (for our website and services only), mailing address, payment details (including credit card information), purchase history, feedback, comments, recommendations, and/or product reviews. This information would be used for stuff like product fulfillment, general communications, and to better promote/improve things. At this time, we are not directly selling or offering any membership options and any legacy member accounts will be deleted. 

4.0 Cookies

If you are unfamiliar with cookies, you can learn more about them here All About Cookies.
We use cookies that are used through your web browser and Google Analytics. We track consent on using these cookies through our cookie banner.

To adjust your permissions within your browser, the following various links helps provide this information:

•    Cookie settings in Firefox
•    Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
•    Cookie settings in Google Chrome
•    Cookie settings in Safari (OS X)
•    Cookie settings in Safari (iOS)
•    Cookie settings in Android

Additionally, to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit this link:
List of Cookies we use to collect data:

Cookie Name: XSRF-TOKEN
Purpose: Used for security reasons
Duration: Session
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: hs
Purpose: Used for security reasons
Duration: Session
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: svSession
Purpose: Used in connection with user login
Duration: 12 months
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: SSR-caching
Purpose: Used to indicate the system from which the site was rendered
Duration: 1 minute
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: _wixCIDX
Purpose: Used for system monitoring/debugging
Duration: 3 months
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: _wix_browser_sess
Purpose: Used for system monitoring/debugging
Duration: Session
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: consent-policy
Purpose: Used for cookie banner parameters
Duration: 12 months
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: smSession
Purpose: Used to identify logged in site members
Duration: Session
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: TS*
Purpose: Used for security and anti-fraud reasons
Duration: Session
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: bSession
Purpose: Used for system effectiveness measurement
Duration: 30 minutes
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: fedops.logger.X
Purpose: Used for stability/effectiveness measurement
Duration: 12 months
Cookie Type: Essential


Cookie Name: wixLanguage
Purpose: Used on multilingual websites to save user language preference
Duration: 12 months
Cookie Type: Functional

5.0 Why do you collect this information?

We may need to provide relevant information, only when absolutely necessary, to additional third-parties who would be involved in the fulfillment of services that they provide us. Such as contacting you about general or personalized topics and/or announcements. We do not automatically opt you in to these types messages and so your information will only be used in this way after you provide us consent by signing up and agreeing to receive marketing related messages. 

The more abstract information is primarily derived from cookies that WIX helps us collect, primarily through Google Analytics. This creates statistical data that is primarily comprised of non-personal information and helps us keep track of website performance and offers some insight into areas we might want to improve or investigate. This information also offers us some insight from a security and research perspective to help us better understand and support our audience.

Lastly, some of this information is required to be collected to comply with applicable laws and regulations. This is why some of the required cookie’s settings cannot be disabled.

6.0 When would we use this personal information to communicate with you?

We may contact you by responding to a message that you initiated with us. The most common example of this would be by sending us an email to ask questions or for support. As the website develops, a form option may also be added to help make communication easier. Based on the context of the Question, issue, and/or request, it might involve us referencing or using the collected information to support you.

We may contact you for marketing purposes. Such as soliciting your opinion through surveys or questionnaires, sharing product announcements or newsletters, and so on. You will not receive marketing related messages from us unless you have provided us explicit consent to do so. This is achieved by you expressly providing us your contact information and confirming your consent. 

We may also contact you to resolve a dispute, collect fees or monies owed, enforce any agreement we may have with you, and /or enforce applicable national laws.

7.0 How do we track consent?

We track consent by you explicitly providing your email when signing up on our website. This is stored alongside any other personal information you have allowed us to collect if you were to sign up for any membership through our website as well.

Consent can be withdrawn at any time. You can send us an email at and let us know that you no longer want to receive marketing or promotional related messages anymore. Please note: This email must come from the same email address that we have sent marketing or promotional related messages too (Which would be the same one you provided while you were providing us consent.)

When we send marketing related emails, we’ll provide a variant of the message above as well to help remind you that consent can be withdrawn at any time.

8.0 Data Security

We are taking all reasonably necessary steps to ensure your personal information is treated securely and within accordance of this Privacy Policy.

Our website is hosted on the platform. Your personal information that we collect is stored through’s data storage, database, and their applications.

This information is stored on WIX’s secure servers across the world. This means that your information may be transferred to, and maintained on, servers located where data protection laws may differ from those in your jurisdiction.

WIX has stated their commitment to security and protection of personal information and ensure there is adequate levels of protection that meet standard contractual clauses for the international transfer of EU user data. They meet or exceeds the requirements established by a variety of Data Privacy Frameworks as well. Here is a link that shows which of these frameworks WIX participates in and has an active certification with [Click here to learn more about WIX’s security].

In addition to these security measures, we at The Tabletop Adventure reduce risk by limiting access to our WIX admin pages that could access your personal information and employ 2-factor authentication for all members who do require access to it.

Please keep in mind that while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to safeguard and protect your personal information that we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

9.0 Children's Privacy

By visiting our website, using our services, and/or using our products you acknowledge and assure us that you are least 13 years old and, whenever applicable, a legal guardian has provided consent for your usage of our website, services, and/or products.

We do not address anyone under the age of 13 and do not knowingly collect or use personal information from anyone under this age without the consent of the child’s legal guardian or parent. If you are the legal guardian or parent of a child and are aware that they have provided us with personal information without your consent, please contact us. We will take steps to remove that information from our collection.

If the jurisdiction that you live in has additional requirements for minors to be authorized to interact with us as visitors and/or customers then you must ensure that these requirements are met before interacting with us in any additional capacity.

10.0 Links to other Websites

Some links on our website and blog posts may lead to other third-party websites or content. These links are provided as a convenience, reference, and/or because we believe they might be helpful or useful. We do not endorse, warrant, or assume any liability for the information, content, product, users, or owners found there. We do not maintain or control these sites and accordingly make no guarantee concerning their reliability, accuracy, availability, or practices.

11.0 Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without obtaining your approval or consent if you have already agreed to them. For simple changes that don’t really alter our agreement in any meaningful way we will simply update the document at our discretion and without any notice. Outside of those simple changes we’ll try and let you know by putting an update near the menu header of the website that’ll link to a preview of the changes and when they’ll go into effect.

12.0 Change in Ownership Disclaimer

We hope that our business is successful and that we are able to provide you with our services and products for a long time. If we are more successful than we dreamed it might prompt some changes in our business structure. Changes to our business structure could also occur based on developing technology and laws as well. Of course, there’s always the possibility of us having to make the decision around the sale of our business as well.

Regardless, any of these could result in what is considered to be a change of ownership that could see your personal information being handled, processed, secured, or governed by a different entity or privacy policy. Even if it’s still ‘technically’ us. If our business is involved in a merger, acquisition, or asset sale then this would qualify as an exception to how your personal information is being handled. We would provide notice about these types of situations that align with how we handle any meaningful change to our agreement as was previously outlined in the Changed to our Privacy Policy section.

13.0 Contact Us

We’re located in the United States and are based out of Iowa. Our address is 1011 N Ankeny Blvd., PO Box 706, Ankeny, IA 50023.

You can also reach us via email at

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