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Kymoria world map


A quick overview of the setting:

Realms of Kymoria is a high-fantasy setting focused on exploration, social situations, and combat that was built with inclusivity and neurodivergence in mind from the ground up. 

Kymoria is a central world surrounded by elemental planes that both sustain and influence its very existence. Its core purpose was to be a magical shell to contain the Elemental Plane of Chaos. However, Kymoria is home to many mortal races created by the primordials of each of the elements, mortals that work hard to keep their home thriving by harnessing elemental energy and working together.

There are no sun, moon, or stars in the sky. Seasons do not exist. The Kymorian calendar has sixteen months, and during certain months a specific element is at its strongest. This incredibly difficult-to-live-in world is also populated by monsters, wild beasts, agents of chaos, the Devout who pursue their primordial’s goals and needs, and greedy and corrupt individuals.

Sulphile Island and the mainlands of Teolune and Nalune frequently interact with one another through the ports located in Allinthria, Bristleburn, Ethgert, and K’or. Bristleburn and Allinthria are Freefolk ports and welcome any and all travelers. Our adventurers will begin on Sulphile Island. at the Limping Pony found in the port city of Bristleburn. Most citizens around Bristleburn busy themselves with their work, their family, and their friends and are generally happy to support one another in their endeavors.

This multiverse is built upon multiple dimensions or segments of reality that are called ‘Planes.’ These Planes of Existence are infinite, but at the same time are not. While physically they may extend into infinity, there are gateways and sections of each reality that neighbor other Planes of Existence. These connections can be gateways in the logical term, where one might walk through a portal or door to change realities. In another sense, it might appear like massive sections of each reality are slightly overlapping with one another (and creating a stretch of new reality that is a blend of both).

These Planes of Existence exist within what is known as the Aether. In this setting, there are 27 Planes of Existence, with one of those Planes of Existence (the Plane of Chaos) being completely encapsulated and contained by another (Kymoria). The various dimensions exist in a massive circle as shown in the diagram to the right.

Inner Planes of Existence_edited_edited.

There are sixteen Planes of Existence that are ruled and governed by immensely powerful creatures called Primordials. These Primordials represent a particular Element and resonate with the Planes of Existence they inhabit. Amongst the commonfolk, the Planes of Existence are also referred to as the Outer Elemental Planes of Existence or the Pure Elemental Planes of Existence. The Primordials of these locations have created a variety of scions to do their bidding and for a long time, they warred with their neighbors, trying to encroach upon the other Planes of existence and expand their influence.

The Plane of Chaos existed in the middle of the circle and was larger and more powerful than any of the other Outer Elemental Planes. The Plane of Chaos tried to encroach on the other Planes in much the same manner as the others did with each other. However, it was devious and over many ages had learned of ways to send its influence into the other planes and corrupt the creatures and powerful beings that dwelled there. This tremendous threat led to what is known as The Chaos War. 

This led to the creation of the Inner planes, Deities, the species that populate this world, and the setting where our adventures will take place. 

  Gallery & Content  

There is a lot of passion put into Kymoria. Below is a sample of the maps I've made for this content. You'll find 'world' maps, city maps, location maps, and battle maps. These will be used heavily during our sessions alongside musical tracks to help establish tone and mood. With 8 playable species ready to go, and 16 more in development, you'll find plenty of choices for your characters. There are also nearly a dozen backgrounds and 18 unique classes (6 basic and 12 advanced) that make use of the system developed for Realms of Kymoria. If you have another system you prefer to play in, don't worry, I have run this setting in several very popular systems without issue! And many of the elements found in play in Realms of Kymoria would add a lot of value when adapted for those systems. Lastly, I have custom character sheets for both my system and other systems to help expedite the character creation process.


If you are a creator, I'm sure you can see the amount of love and care that has gone into working on this material. I promise that it's only just the surface of what's available.

Realms of Kymoria - Sulphile v2_edited_e
SouthEast Island_edited.jpg
Forest Map 01_edited.jpg
PoK - Adventure Board - 001 - Map01 - DM
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Thieves hideout in woods - Battlemap (No
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